Automation can be identified as the use of technology based control systems to manage machinery, equipment, and processes. This technology allows factories to operate with minimal or reduced human intervention, and in some cases offer completely automated solutions.  These solutions can offer significant cost reductions in labor, electricity, and materials, while vastly improving quality, accuracy and precision.

Beginning with the industrial revolution,  more and more advanced technological processes have been requiring the use of cable chain products.

Brevetti Stendalto’s vast product range offers solutions for just about any application which utilizes automated control systems.  This includes Machine tools, and manipulators. (you might want to add more examples here? Packaging, robotics, Etc. )

Applications requiring Fast and smooth movement with a vertical, horizontal, or side mounted orientation are typical in this sector.  Quick accelerations, harsh environments, and excessive duty cycles are also relatively standard when reviewing the parameters of automated machine systems.

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